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Hosted by Dengar Dan and Mike Tarkin, The Sandcrawler Podcast is a Star Wars collectors show about collectors and their collections. We are your home for Action Figure Therapy!
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Dec 23, 2018

The Sandcrawler #66 - The Best Star Wars Figures of 2018

With this Christmas being the first one since 2015 without a new Star Wars movie to go see we talk about what that’s been like for us.  We’ve done 3 reaction shows to the Star Wars sequels, listen here:    

In “I Wanted Everything” Mac goes through an awesome care package sent by Dan for Mac’s birthday (and Christmas)- Dan’s is in the mail, trust us.  Dan has picked up a fairly rare piece of Power of the Force merchandise and we ask the question: Where are all the photos of Power of the Force in stores????? 

Thankyou to everyone that sent in their “pet horror stories.”  

We then take a look back at the best Star Wars figures released in 2018.

Check out our friend, Rex On Leave, and his amazing Christmas Clone Wars display. And here’s the photo of the Disney Parks Sandcrawler that our buddy Dan from New Jersey tagged us in that we talked about.

Photos of Solo: A Star Wars Story Kessel Mine Escape Walmart Exclusive playset from Chris Salton’s Facebook page

Share your Christmas morning Star Wars loot with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag: #IWantedEverything

Let’s see your action figures in action as we extend Play Outside through the winter!  And if you would like to have your Star Wars collection featured on our Collector’s Spotlight let us know! Email below.

As 2018 winds down we would like to thank everyone that has interacted with us, either by downloading our show or reaching out on social media.  We appreciate you very much and wish you the best of everything in 2019!

Dec 2, 2018

The Sandcrawler #65: Catching Up .   December 1, 2018

Dengar Dan is back from his self-imposed exile and we catch up on all the Star Wars figure collecting news from the past month or two.  From reader feedback to news of Disney Mini Droid Blind Packs it’s a show jam-packed with Action Figure Therapy! 

Our “I Wanted Everything” segment is a big one this week as we both received Star Wars awesomeness from Japan, Dan talks about a co-worker’s attic that is supposedly filled with retro toys and he picks up maybe his favourite Black Series figure ever and Mac has stocked up big time with new Star Wars figures.

We have a funny story this week from listener Dan and taking his suggestion we thought we’d put it to our listeners: Has your pet done something horrible to your collection?  Tag us on social media with your “Pet Horror Story” or email to and we’ll read them.

We both have some updates on our Star Wars rooms as Mac makes some decisions on posters and Dan is basically starting over.  Yup you heard that right.  Always in motion is the Star Wars room. 

The Christmas season has begun and it’s a good time to go through your carded collection and maybe donate some of the toys you’ve picked up over the years.  Speaking of toy drives, friend of the show and WWF Superstar, Zach Ryder is sponsoring his own toy drive: CLICK FOR DETAILS


Nov 29, 2018

Dan had some fun with a Phantom Menace Battle Bag from 1999.  The awesome Darth Maul-themed card promises that it "oozes with 4 Star Wars creatures!"  Did the toy live up to it's claims? Did the ooze survive the 20 years since the toy was released? Watch and find out!

This video will also be available on our YouTube Channel.

Nov 15, 2018

While Dan takes some time off, Mac welcomes Aaron Harris & Dan Zehr from the Coffee With Kenobi podcast network and website to talk about favourite Star Wars merchandise found in the Disney Parks. 

But first we talk to Aaron and Dan about their Star Wars collecting in a double-sized Collector’s Spotlight. 

The great thing about Star Wars is people’s stories behind why they love it and what they collect from it and this week’s Spotlight is a great example of that as we see two very different Star Wars collecting stories. 

We then talk about our favourite merchandise that we have picked up over the years at various Disney Parks and we agree that Star Wars and Disney have been connected for much longer than 2012 when Disney purchased Lucasfilm.  

A big thanks to Aaron and Dan for filling in while Dengar Dan was off, be sure to check them out:

Aaron Harris

Resistance Reactions

Dan Zehr

Coffee With Kenobi


Oct 26, 2018

THE SANDCRAWLER #63: Halloween With Fading Eyes Desert Dweller

Recorded on a dark and story night in October 2018 we are back with our 3rd annual Halloween Special!  If you are new to The Sandcrawler then you may not have heard our past two shows celebrating Star Wars and Halloween. In those episodes we picked some of our favourite “scary” Star Wars figures.  Not scary like Darth Vader or General Grevious but scary like “Monkey Face Leia” and “Little Emo Ani.” 

This week we talk about our plans for this Halloween and about how we both had a thing for scaring people in our teenage years.  We then bring you both of our Scary Star Wars Figures segments from 2016 & 2017.  Hey, if they can broadcast It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown for 52 years then we can have an “Archive Release.” Right? Right?   

Bring us along to your Halloween party or various trick or treating events over the next week and Happy Halloween from The Large Brown Sandy Box on Wheels!

Music used in this episode:

Thrawn’s Web-from Star Wars Rebels

Asylum-Daniel Lanois

Alex Descends Into Hell For A Bottle of Milk-U2

Graveyard/A Night With Two Moons-Forbidden Planet Soundtrack

Padme’s Ruminations-Revenge of the Sith

Graveyard-Blue Rodeo

Ghostbusters-Ray Parker Jr

Ugly-Violent Femmes

This Is Halloween-The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack



Oct 17, 2018


Episode #62: Princess Leia & the Attack of the Parkour Droid

October 17, 2018

Dan coined the phrase “Action Figure Therapy” early on in the Sandcrawler’s two-year history and this week it’s about your hosts getting some much need therapy vis a vis Star War action figures! We’ve both had a rough week and sitting down to talk some toys is JUST what we needed, Robot Revolution be damned!

We have some follow up on our last episode abut changing collecting habits and Mac talks about the next step in his Rebel Base display. You can see his progress in his Star Wars room at  We then dive into tons of toy news out of New York Comic Con and Disney Parks

The Disney Parks Sandcrawler vehicle/playset is now available and Mac tries to say that he isn’t committed to getting it but Dan knows better. has news about the unique figure stands that will be included in a few upcoming Black Series figures and we talk about why these should just be included with EVERY Star Wars figure!  Thanks to JediNews and From4LomtoZuckuss and Flyguy for their always awesome coverage!

If you want stands with your Star Wars figures, let Hasbro know on social media with #Standspleasehasbro !!

Star Wars Resistance has premiered and we’re excited to see a fresh look for Star Wars animation and Jon Favreau’s recent Instagram posts about the upcoming series, The Mandolorian has us excited for the future of Star Wars.

In I Wanted Everything we both picked up the same figure, but from different lines and discuss the Target Exclusive Stormtrooper 6-Pack. Check out our buddy, Chris Salton’s video review!  For links and photos for this episode, head to 


If you enjoy the show, please give us a 4-star rating on iTunes!

Oct 6, 2018

Episode 61: Changing How We Collect v2.0

October 6, 2018

On this week’s show we celebrate two years of bringing you Action Figure Therapy! When we started The Sandcrawler we never dreamed just how much of an influence we would have on each other as collectors and this week we talk about how our collecting has changed in the past year. Listen to v1.0 HERE.

We received a ton of feedback from fellow collectors and we read emails, tweets and more.  Obviously there are a lot of people that feel the same as we do in this new era of Star Wars: focus, focus, focus! 

Check out photos of Mac’s big renovation HERE.

Sep 18, 2018

The Sandcrawler #60 - It’s Been A Hot Second

We catch up after not recording for a month and start with a birthday congratulations for Dan and then we share our thoughts on Solo: A Star Wars Story as it’s released digitally.  We both agree the movie is fantastic but it’s going to take multiple viewings to pay attention to what’s going on instead of looking around for Easter eggs. 

It’s September and normally that would mean Force Friday at various Star Wars action figure outlets but with no film coming out this Christmas  we ore Force Friday-less.  So we reflect a bit on past days and Dan’s fun times with Stephen Stanton.  Head over to Stephen’s website and get an autographed photo of one of the many Star Wars characters he’s voiced over the years. Proceeds from your purchase go to charity too, so it’s a great cause!

We catch up on some email, iTunes reviews (THANKYOU!) and give a shoutout to a couple of new listeners who are binge-listening to The Sandcrawler! Guys, thank you and….we’re sorry.

After our last episode where we covered waves 4 and 5 of Power of the Force, we received a ton of feedback on Twitter and it needs to be said: The Sandcrawler mission to bring respect to the Power of the Force line is becoming a huge success! (Pause as we pat ourselves on the back).

We catch up on some new release news including news from Fan Expo Toronto and some awesome Star Wars POPs coming for Christmas.

In “I Wanted Everything” we reveal a whole pile of Star Wars goodness and….some non-Star Wars goodness and the collecting lines are blurred when Mac talks about what he got.

On our next show we’ll be celebrating our 2nd anniversary so we want to ask YOU a question we’ve asked on our 1st anniversary: Have your collecting habits changed in the past year?  Has the way you acquire Star Wars collectibles changed in the past year? Do you display them differently? Tell us in an email, include a before and after photo if you can or record a voice mail attached to an email and we’ll discuss it on our Anniversary Special.

Oh, and Happy Batman Day.







Aug 31, 2018

The Sandcrawler #59 -Skippy the Droid

As promised on our last show we have another dose of Action Figure Therapy for you on this Labour Day Weekend!  This week we continue our look at the Star Wars Power of the Force line with waves 4 and 5.  These two waves gave us a lot of cool figures and include the favourite figures from this line for both Dan and Mac.

Head over to our Facebook page for a track listing of retro 90’s music used in this week’s show!

What do you think about this batch of Power of the Force figures? Let us know!

Be sure to head over to our Power of the Force Appreciation Page and if you have a collection of these toys, be sure to send us some photos to be included in our photo gallery. With the Sandcrawler YOU have the POWER OF THE FORCE!

Thanks to for their always excellent archival information!

Aug 25, 2018

The Sandcrawler #58 - Don’t Overstretch His Neck

On our last show, we started talking about some Black Series 6-inch figures that were conspicuously missing from Hasbro’s lineup.  We’ve taken that a step further this week as we come up with a wish list of deluxe Black Series Star Wars figures we would like to see based on each movie.  What did you think of our choices? Let us know via email!

Ok, so after we recorded our Black Series Wish List we went straight into covering Waves 4 and 5 from Power of the Force. But we thought we would save that half of the show for next week so we can bring you some action figure therapy 2 weeks in a row! 

So, thanks for listening this week, find us on Twitter @Sandcrawlercast and email your thoughts on what you would like to see for upcoming deluxe Black Series figures to

See you next week!

Be sure to head over to our Power of the Force Appreciation Page and if you have a collection of these toys, be sure to send us some photos to be included in our photo gallery. With the Sandcrawler YOU have the POWER OF THE FORCE!


Aug 11, 2018

The Sandcrawler #57: Don’t Slip On The Canadian Shield

We’re back from our summer break to take a look at news that you already heard nearly a month ago!  But we do it as a only the Sandcrawler can! The Clone Wars is returning to finish what it started but the big question now is how will it end? Hasbro announced a bunch of new releases at SDCC but is it what we’re really looking for? 

Episode IX actor, Richard E. Grant’s short video announcing his casting.

Dan receives an amazing care package from SDCC and Mac talks about his visit to The Power of Costume exhibit at the DIA.  Follow the link for photos and videos.

Mac’s vacation was all about Star Wars as he brings his action figures on a camping trip and he has begun BIG plans for his  Star Wars room.

In our Play Outside feature on our websiteBrandon Taylor shares some photos of Scarif troopers on the beach and Jordan Maison shares photos of his Darth Maul Collection

Do you have an awesome Star Wars room or collection? Do you take your Star Wars figures outside and take photos of them? Email photos to sandcrawlerpodcast@gmail.comto be desired on our website! 


Jul 21, 2018

It’s summertime, baby! The Sandcrawler boys are back to help you shake them summertime blues!!  Last show we talked about Shadows of the Empire and this week we continue the discussion with your tweets, emails and comments. 

Concept art for Prince Xizor’s “Virago” ship courtesy of The Star Wars Collectors Archive by Gus Lopez.

Shadows N64 “special ending” where Dash survives. Thanks to Rez for the link!

We’ve gotten some announcements on new Star Wars figures hitting throughout the rest of the year but we’re going to wait until after San Diego Comic Con to see what else might be coming.  In the meantime we discuss the announcement of The Vintage Collection TIE Fighter - link courtesy of  Steve Evans of Hasbro answers collector’s questions and we give that a listen. You can see the video here.

Dan has lived up to his promise to relive his childhood by purchasing nearly anything with a Power of the Force logo and we cover that and some of Mac’s recent finds in I Wanted Everything.

As a bonus, we’ve included Mac’s part of I Wanted Everything as a video on our YouTube channel as he showcases the awesome bonus content found in “Star Wars Stormtroopers Beyond the Armor.”

Our PLAY OUTSIDE feature on our website has been super popular! Thanks to everyone that has sent us photos and if you would like to send us photos of your action figures in the outdoors you can send them to

Check out the “Fantastic Films” article on the NPR dramas here.

Jul 7, 2018

Dash Rendar fans rejoice! Dan’s nemesis, Jake Stevens (Toy Run, Galaxy of Toys,From 4LOM to Zuckuss)joins us to talk about Star Wars in the mid-90’s, namely, Shadows of the Empire!! We take a look at the unique toys that were a part of the biggest movie campaign to not have a movie.  Shadows seems to get forgotten in the new era of Star Wars and that’s a shame because it’s a fun story with some fun merch!  We also discuss our preliminary plans for Star Wars Celebration Chicago, what it’s like to pare down a giant Star Wars collection and what we plan on doing during the gap between Star Wars movies.


Jun 23, 2018

It’s been an…interesting couple of weeks in Star Wars fandom and we are here to provide a refuge, a safe place and some Action Figure Therapy!

Mac recaps his Father’s Day weekend which included some fun gifts from the kids and a backstage tour of Canadian icon Shania Twain’s concert in Detroit.  Fellow Star Wars collector and friend of the show, guitar god Cory Churko showed Mac and family what goes on behind a big concert and helped us to prove how much good is still in Star Wars fandom! Cory appeared on Episode 30 of The Sandcrawler to share his love of Star Wars.

San Diego Comic Con exclusives have been revealed and it’s a good bunch of Star Wars collectibles-we take a look.  Funko also announced a new line of POP toys based on The Clone Wars and we’re hoping for a Spider Maul in POP form!

Dan picked up a Power of the Force gem and shares a great story from his youth.

We share an email from a new listener who has an amazing collection and talk about another listener’s road trip featuring Funko toys! 

Cory Churko


David Fronsee’s Road Trip


Jun 9, 2018

Episode #53 - Collector’s Spotlight With Star Wars Author Adam Bray


Last episode we talked about Solo: A Star Wars Story, complete with any and all spoilers.  This week we continue to discuss the film so be warned!! If you haven’t seen Solo: A Star Wars Story yet, don’t listen to this episode until you do!

We discuss some of the controversy surrounding the latest Star Wars movie but stay on the light side and feature comments from some of our listeners.  Thanks to everyone that sent in emails and for the first time on The Sandcrawler, VOICE MAIL!  It was really great to hear what you’ve had to say about Solo, so feel free to send your remarks our way!

We discuss upcoming action figure releases for Solo and what we’re hoping to see down the road. We also briefly talk about our early plans for Star Wars Celebration in Chicago next year.

We are very happy to welcome Star Wars author Adam Bray to our Collector’s Spotlight this week, it’s been a long time since we last featured a collector and we have a pretty great discussion about collecting and we even side tracked into the early days of Star Wars fandom on the internet.   

If you’re new to The Sandcrawler, we’d like to say “WELCOME. THANKS FOR GIVING US A LISTEN!”  If you’d like to know more about the show, head over to and click on the “about” link, 

We opened a new page on the site called, Play Outside where we will feature some of our outdoor Star Wars figure photography.  Our hope is to make this as popular a page as our Collector’s Spotlight page so feel free to send along some photos of your toys in the wild.


May 27, 2018


Dan and Mac both saw Solo: A Star Wars Story on opening night and raced home in under 12 parsecs to record their initial thoughts on the latest entry into Star Wars movies!

Short take? We loved it! 

Join us for a fun discussion as we geek out about that big reveal, Beckett and his crew, and of course the first meeting of the scoundrel and the Wookiee!

Big, big thanks to Kendall Schroeder for his awesome Duran Duran/Rio Durante album mashup!

It’s a fun, fun image that even caught the attention of Solo director, Ron Howard!

Get your own Rio/Durante Durante t-shirt here!







Buy a Tshirt on Tee Public


May 9, 2018

The Sandcrawler #51: Porg In A Bottle

May the Fourth weekend has wrapped up without any major announcements but we still have a lot of Star Wars collecting to talk about!

Solo: A Star Wars Story pre-sale tickets are up and this just might turn into our favourite Star Wars movie yet. 

We speculate about Star Wars: Resistance and discuss what it could mean for collectors.  We also sort of wrap up our thoughts on Star Wars Rebels, you know, months after it ended.

Mac has slowly begun picking up The Vintage Collection 2 figures and Dan has a new favourite Power of the Force piece.  Oh and some figures he said he wasn’t going to collect.

Speaking of Power of the Force, we move on to Wave 3 and a great memory of Dan’s Yoda figure he had as a kid.

Thanks to Rob Williams and Jamie Guida for the fun emails and big thanks to Justin Morgan for the incredibly generous gifts!

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Apr 21, 2018

The Sandcrawler #50: Tarkin’s Knee Holes

We hit a milestone, talk about the feast or famine that was Solo Weekend and review Wave 2 of the Power of the Force!

Welcome to our 50th episode of Star Wars action figure therapy! Thank you to all our listeners that have hopped on board the Sandcrawler Express since the Fall of 2016!

Last weekend saw the release of Solo:A Star Wars Story merchandise and the guys have different stories about how it went down.  Did you get a lot of Solo merch? Tag us on Twitter(@sandcrawlercast) and let us know! Head to our website for a look at what we saw when we hit our local stores.

We finally get back to doing a segment of I Wanted Everyhing where we talk about new finds including some surprising ones from Mac and Dan’s 10 inch Funko POP Porg!

In our second look at the Power of the Force action figure line we discuss Wave 2, a small wave with some big characters.

Thanks to everyone who has sent us photos of their Power of the Force collections! You can see those photos here. If you’d like to display your Power of the Force collection too, send photos to


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Apr 14, 2018

The Sandcrawler #49:  Han Solo Is Pancake Driven

With a new trailer and new toys hitting shelves Mac and Dan are in a Solo mood!

Recorded on Wednesday April 11, 2018, on this week’s show we take a look at the aliens revealed in the Denny’s commercial and discuss which one’s we would like to see in toy form.  Funko has the jump on a lot of these new characters and we discuss.  

Along with Funko’s awesome offerings revealed a ton of Solo related merchandise and even though we have sworn to stick to our collecting focuses we’ll probably break our own rules yet again.

We take a look at the Solo trailer and geek out about what could be the most fun Star Wars movie yet!

Check out some of the names of new ships and weapons via


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Mar 28, 2018

The Sandcrawler #48: The Greatest Action Figure Line Ever Created———————————————

This week we begin a series that we are simply calling, “The Greatest Action Figure Line Ever Created .”  What is that line? The Power of the Force line that launched in 1995.

The first modern Star Wars action figure line, still a part of Kenner, was the line that turned a nine year old Dan and at the same time, a twenty seven year old Mac into Star Wars collecting fanatics.  It’s time to give it it’s due and over the next several shows we’ll be looking at this line, one wave at a time.

We want to see your favourite Power of the Force figures! Email them to sandcrawler or tweet at us via @sandcrawlercast.

We also take a look at Haslab’s images of the completed Jabba’s Sail Barge and discuss the exclusive Yak Face figure that is included. 

What does the ToysrUs bankruptcy news mean for collectors and more importantly, future generations? We talk about our memories of what could be the last big toy store. 

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Mar 10, 2018

Episode 47: Changing How We Collect V2.0

This show should be subtitled: “The Waterworld Episode” or maybe “The Best of Bill Gunderson.”   But, it isn’t because this week we are talking about how our collecting habits have changed.  Always in motion is the Star Wars room.

 On Episode 33 we first talked about changing how we collect as Star Wars fans.  With a few more months under our belts, along with The Last Jedi, Solo and some announcements from New York Toy Fair, we are both making some adjustments to how we collect Star Wars.  It’s a conversation we feel many collectors are having right now. 

Funko revealed what could be their final wave of The Last Jedi Funko POPs and Hasbro’s Haslab/Jabba’s Sail Barge project continues to intrigue us. Check out fellow Retrozap podcast, Dorklair for their thoughts.

The Star Wars official site has a great article about Haslab, check it out here.

Collector, Dan Curto had some thoughts on Haslab on  Rebel Force Radio

Want to let Hasbro know what figures and vehicles you’d like to see in the Vintage Collection? Tell them on Instagram!

Thanks to Fantha for mentioning our last episode.  Be sure to check them out!

Mac was a guest on Rebels Reactions discussing the penultimate episodes of Star Wars Rebels.  Listen to it here.


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Feb 24, 2018

The Sandcrawler #46: HasLab-We’re Mostly Excited But Confused

New York Toy Fair was last weekend and Dan was there to check out the latest in Star Wars merchandise!  Cue the Big Apple-themed music!

Not only did Dan get "caught between the moon and New York City" but we got a ton of cool reveals from many Star Wars merchandise companies and this week we discuss some of our favourites!  Head over to our website for photos from the event.   We dive into all the Hasbro reveals for Solo: A Star Wars Story and what Star Wars action figure collectors can expect for 2018.  Check out’s excellent coverage including press images from Hasbro.  The big news from Hasbro was the announcement of HasLab and their crowd funded mega-playset of Jabba’s Sail Barge.  Good idea? Bad idea? We aren’t sure, but we have a lot to say about it!  Other products revealed at New York Toy Fair 2018:  Uncle Milton Star Wars Skeleton Dig courtesy of Needless Essentials Online . Gentle Giant courtesy of Jedi Temple Archives . Toys That Time Forgot-link to Kickstarter . We hoped to get into something we’re calling “Changing How We Collect 2.0” but we’ll save that for our next show.  If you want to hear what happened in the 1.0 version, have a listen to Episode 33: Changing How We Collect.

Feb 10, 2018

The Sandcrawler #45: Killer Robot Porgs


Our adventure on the red carpet for Funko’s documentary, Making Fun: The Story of Funko continues thanks to the latest episode of the Funko Funcast. Be sure to download this fun show to hear your humble hosts at their first Hollywood premiere!

Mac picked up the Disney Parks Droid Factory sets for The Last Jedi and has a quick review of the sets.  Head over to our website for photos of these great figures!

Thanks to everyone that emailed responses to our various giveaways between December and January. We read some of the best responses. We received a ton of email for these contests and we’re overwhelmed by your support! Again, thanks!

This week’s segment of I Wanted Everything, where we discuss recent buys is a huge one this week as we catch on the past two months of collecting including an amazing gift from listener, “Joel.” Check out Joel’s amazing diorama work! 

We take a look at the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer and wonder what it will mean for action figure collectors as Hasbro decides to change how it releases new merchandise. 

With news of even more Star Wars movies comingwe discuss how will it be possible to keep up with more and more movie releases and the merchandise that goes along with it.  It’s a conversation you don’t want to miss and it’s one that we’ll carry over into our next show.  This is a BIG DEAL for collectors. 


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Jan 27, 2018


Thanks to the awesome folks at Funko, we were invited to the premiere of the new documentary, Making Fun: The Story of Funko.  It was an amazing time for these two little podcasters and we've got all the details!

After some airline snafus we made it to Los Angeles, checked into our hotel and spent the evening at the Star Wars-themed bar, Scum & Villainy Cantina with the hosts of the Funko Funcast podcast and WWE Superstar, Zak Ryder.

The next morning we went to Downtown Disney at Disneyland so Mac could get a tiny fix of Disney magic and also to pick up the Droid Factory exclusives from The Last Jedi.  A quick dinner at Bubba Gump's at Universal City Walk and we were ready for our first red carpet, Hollywood premiere!

We had a blast walking the red carpet and meeting other guests. The movie was a love letter, not only in celebration of Funko's twenty years but for the fans too. Check out our YouTube channel for an unboxing video of some exclusive merchandise that Funko handed out to those in attendance.

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Jan 6, 2018
  • This week on The Sandcrawler we have a special guest joining us! The one and only Yoko McCann! Yoko is no less than a master collector who works for Funko! We dive into her Star Wars story, what and how she collects and shares her unbelievable displays.
  • Warning! Do not expect any Boba Fett love in this episode.
  • Make sure to tune in because Funko graciously donated a prize for this week! The Last Jedi box from Funko’s Smuggler’s Bounty subscription!
  • Listen for this week’s WIZARD WORD and be sure to send in those emails to
  • Follow Yoko on social media here!
  • Instagram: yokomccann
  • Be sure to check out the Funko Funkast Podcast as well!


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